VEP Technology: A New Breakthrough in Produced Water Treatment Solutions

Produced Water Treatment

F&T Water Solutions

F&T Water Solutions is a water treatment solutions company based in Florida. Their new proprietary technology for efficient and successful produced water treatment has been recently launched. Variable Electro Precipitator™ (VEP™) integrated with electro coagulation is used to treat and clean produced water in order to dispose or reuse safely.

Peter Letizia, the President and CEO of F&T Water Solutions, has stated his opinions about this revolutionary technology that has been brought into use at F&T. He says:

“We have been one of the leading providers for effective produced water treatment in the United States. Our primary market is the oil and gas sector to bring more scalability to produced water treatment. Our goals are environmentally conscious and our VEP™ technology conforms to the standards of ethics that we have set. As water is such a valuable commodity worldwide, F&T is also presently negotiating with partners and distributors in North America, Africa and China.”

What is Produced Water Treatment?

While extracting oil and gas from resources, they mix large quantities of water which is not required later. This is called produced water. Produced water needs to be put to good use or disposed off responsibly in order to prevent water wastage or to avoid environmental pollution. Hence it needs to go through some treatment such as electro coagulation. F&T Water Solutions is a company that provides economical answer to the produced water problem. Your solution can also be customized by you according to your flexibility and amount of produced water.

Peter Letizia states about the upcoming boom of VEP technology:

“This technology could bring a whole new level of cost effectiveness in produced water treatment. It’s an underlying issue that we are facing and one that needs development to further improve the reusability of this extracted water. With this technology, we can minimize the costs of water treatment, disposal, and reuse. This can enable the oil and gas sector in the United States to leverage on the scalability that our solutions bring. We intend to enter more markets to further reduce the global impact of improper produced water disposal.”

Within the United States, F&T Water Solutions is one of the topmost water treatment solution providers. F&T promises to deliver the best water solutions by industry standards with valuable waste water remediation. Due to its good reputation, most of the major oil and gas corporations in United States that work globally are F&T clients.

About the Company:

Florida based F&T Water Solutions is a specialist in treating produced waste water using chemical free integrated technologies and electro coagulation. It is renowned for providing very reliable and efficient solutions for treatment and cleansing of waste water for reuse or disposal. The VEP (Variable Electro Precipitator) technology plays an important role in this process. F&T serves many industries such as oil and gas, petroleum, mining, manufacturing, construction, etc. F&T Water Solutions have conquered most of the market in the United States and is now marching towards making the world aware of its capabilities in the field of water treatment, reuse and disposal.

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